Overnight home care is when a carer will stay at your home overnight to ensure your comfort and safety. 
After all, your loved ones' need for care doesn’t go away when the sun goes down. This makes overnight home care a cost-effective choice for around-the-clock support. 

How Does Overnight Home Care Work? 

Overnight care is done in three ways: 
1. Sleeping night 
This is when the carer will sleep in your home at the same time as your loved one. However, they will be on hand and ready to wake up if help is needed. 
2. Waking night 
A waking night involves your carer staying awake and alert. They provide care as and when it’s needed. 
3. Sitting night 
A sitting night gives the regular carer a break. A trained carer can step in and handle the overnight home care for however long you may need them. 

4 Benefits of Overnight Home Care for the Elderly 

Now you understand overnight home care, it’s time to see if it’s right for you and your loved one. 
To help you decide, our team has put together a list of the top benefits people see when they choose overnight home care. 
1. Reduces Stress Levels 
It’s known that being a caregiver is a stressful role. Overnight home care takes some of the weight off your shoulders, thereby reducing stress. Our team have watched the improvements in caregivers' stress when they have regular overnight care. 
2. Improves Sleep Quality 
Our sleep quantity and quality feed into many aspects of our health. Sleep deprivation has proven to increase the likelihood of illnesses both mental and physical.With overnight care, you can sleep better at night knowing that there is someone on hand to get up and support your loved one. It’s easier to relax and fall into a deeper sleep. 
3. Lowers Risk of Injury 
With a dedicated overnight carer, your loved one will be well looked after. During the night, you won’t have to worry about your loved one falling or getting hurt. The carer is there and will aid your loved one during the night. 
4. Improves Relationships 
We’ve all been tired and stressed. It affects our mood during the day and our attitude towards the people around us. 
With overnight care, you’ll be well-rested and ready to take on each day. Your relationships will see the benefit of your new-found energy. 

Take Care of Your Loved one and Yourself 

Overnight care doesn’t just benefit your loved one. It gives you the chance to reset and have some much-needed quality sleep. 
Want to learn more about overnight care? Our team is on hand and ready to talk you through your options. 
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