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You can choose Allwell Care Company with confidence, knowing that you and your loved ones are getting the best care available. We offer a range of different care services, including home-care to dementia care and domiciliary care to companion care. Our dedicated team of carers work tirelessly to assist every patient, aiding them with a range of day-to-day tasks. These tasks can include food shopping and preparation to running errands and keeping the patients home a clean and safe environment. Allwell Care Company encourages the elderly to retain their independence and can work around your exact requirements in the assistance of your loved ones, allowing you full control of your care schedule. So, choose Allwell Care Company with confidence, today. 
At Allwell Care, one of our most popular services is our Companionship Care Service. The service primarily focuses on preventing the onset of loneliness which unfortunately is an issue affecting many of the elderly community today. Loneliness can lead to the development of mental health issues as well as the exacerbation of physical health issues, making companionship care services instrumental in supporting the elderly community. There is flexibility within companion care services too, with carers being able to visit residents as little as a few hours a week to visiting daily. 
The role of a home care provider is to alleviate the responsibilities of a patient, enabling them to conserve their energy to allow them to spend their time on their own enjoyment. At Allwell Care, our home care providers assist individuals with a range of everyday tasks. These can include the following and many more. 
Food shopping and preparation 
Laundry work 
General housekeeping (e.g cleaning) 
Running general errands (e.g collecting prescriptions) 
Offering friendly companionship 
It is important to us that our patients only do what they feel strong enough to, that’s why we aim to lessen their load and assist them in maintaining their home and lifestyle. 
When choosing the type of care that best suits you or your loved one, it is vital to determine what their exact needs are. Choosing home care suits those who want to live independently, with assistance where and when they need it. Home care allows for patients to stay in a familiar environment and be around all their home comforts. It eliminates the stress from the transition into assisted living as carers come to them, in their own home. Additionally, in most cases home care can be more cost effective than moving into a care home, making our home care services at Allwell care a great option for those who need it. 
It is absolutely integral that dementia patients stay socially active as it enables a better quality of life and can drastically improve their wellbeing. 
Some of the best activities for dementia patients include: 
Dementia-friendly organised activities such as dance sessions, swimming and even the gym. 
Activities in the arts, drama groups and painting classes are a great way to get involved! 
Find a local memory cafè, set up by the Alzheimers society, you can check the locations here. 
Organised singing groups such as Singing for The Brain, find one here. 
Our carers can help assist patients with these activities, enquire with the team today
Dementia is the name given to a group of symptoms that cause a decline in mental ability. Alzheimers is a specific type of dementia that affects thought, memory, and behaviours. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia. The symptoms of dementia get more severe as time progresses. 
So while Alzheimer's disease is a specific disease, dementia is a more general term which describes a set of symptoms. Dementia and Alzheimer's disease can be incredibly difficult to manage, contact our team today to discuss a dementia home care plan
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