Compliments and Testimonials 

15-4-19: Mrs E.J Barlow 
'The Main Carers. They're brilliant.... And they can't do enough to be gentle with me, to do things really kindly. I have a laugh with them, you hear us laughing up there and we have a lovely time where we do it, and i think that makes a difference.' 
28-12-19: Pat H 
'To allwell care' 
'Thank you to all for the lovely Hamper you sent me. Christmas is nearly here and i hope its a happy one for all.  
Best Wishes' 
01-07-2020: Shawn Fendley 
'I couldn't be more grateful to the carers and management for the excellent care, and support they provide to my mother. The carers go above and beyond and genuinely seem to care about her best interests and wellbeing.  
They have maintained excellent communication with myself throughout our experience with them, and have acted immediatly regarding any concerns i may have, or changes needed to my mothers care.  
Thank you for all that you do.' 
08-06-2021: M.B 
'Hello Christina. Thank you very much for the guidance, patience, care and support. It is very much appreciated. You are a kind, caring, professional, precise, hardworking lady who is knowledgeable and experience. Thank you' - MB 
06-07-2021: HS, social worker 
I'm glad that things are so much more positive now. You and your carers have done so well to engage with him and help bring about this change. 
23-07-2021: EM 
'Just wanted to say a massive thank you. I've just picked the food parcel up and I appreciate it massively. Thank you again.' 
10-6-20: Kathy & all the family 
'Dearest Lloyd 
Thank you for everything you do for Dad and for going above and beyond.' 
24-10-18: Betty & Family 
'To Jan and Lloyd' 
'Thanks so much for your care. Very much Appreciated' 
21-10-2020: Nick Biggins 
'I could not let more time pass without saying a final big thank you for all your efforts, from you personally but also the staff who have all contributed to the aim of keeping mum and dad at home as long as possible. This was their wish and we achieved it as far as was practically possible.' 
11-06-2021: Family of DG 
'Dear Jane, Mum and I want to thank you for all your kindess care and support and for going above and beyond. You're a very special person and thank you for being part of our lives. Much loveand we will always remember your kindness.' 
22-06-2021: M.B 
'I feel other members of staff can learn a lot from Megan. Megan appears to have a very gentle and very patient approach. I class myself as being very lucky and blessed to have Megan as one of my carers.' - MB 
25-07-2021: LH 
'Dear Adrian, Thank you so much for AG's ITFC scarf and arranging the videocall from Wes and Dan. It made a perfect start to the day and was very kind of you. Thank you for all that you do.' 
Permission given to use these photos online from AG's daughter 

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