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Understanding dementia behaviour and its changes is important for caregivers and the population in general. 90% of people with dementia show characteristics of challenging or worrying behaviour. Some examples of dementia behaviour include aggression or confusion, but this is dependent on the stage. 
Dementia is the leading cause of death in Britain, where the average cost to the UK is £34.7 billion per year. There are almost one million people living with dementia in the UK, but only 62% are diagnosed. While incurable, research suggests 40% of cases are preventable, but 98% of people could improve their brain health to reduce risks. 
In the care industry, it is common for those who are heavily involved to take a carer break. Not only does this help to maintain a healthy relationship with the job, but it can provide much needed physical and mental rest. As caring for someone is a highly stressful and demanding task, this is important. 
As an experienced provider of care services, we at Allwell Care advocate for those who feel overwhelmed to seek a respite break. 
We want to offer practical advice on how to take a break for anyone thinking of doing so, as the prospect can be overwhelming. We will help you understand why it is important, how you can make the initial steps as well as options such as respite care services. 
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