In the care industry, it is common for those who are heavily involved to take a carer break. Not only does this help to maintain a healthy relationship with the job, but it can provide much needed physical and mental rest. As caring for someone is a highly stressful and demanding task, this is important. 
As an experienced provider of care services, we at Allwell Care advocate for those who feel overwhelmed to seek a respite break. 
We want to offer practical advice on how to take a break for anyone thinking of doing so, as the prospect can be overwhelming. We will help you understand why it is important, how you can make the initial steps as well as options such as respite care services. 

The Importance of a Carer Break 

Although it is highly rewarding, caring for someone full time is both mentally and physically challenging. You have to invest a substantial amount of time and energy into your job, to ensure those you look after receive sufficient levels of care. 
As such, it is common practice for those feeling exhausted to seek a carer break. This allows primary caregivers to take a short leave of absence from their responsibilities. 
In this absence, care providers can rest and gather their strength. If a care provider is to deliver the highest quality care, breaks like this are highly important. Any one who is tired and stressed is unlikely to give their all, and not giving 100% in the care industry qualifies as negligent. 
If this sounds familiar, it may be time for a carer break. We explore how, exactly, you can do that below. 

Tips for Taking a Respite Break 

Taking a break is a healthy choice, and will allow you to maintain a positive relationship with your job. Above all though, self care is important. As well as the below tips, you may wish to seek the advice of a respite provider. 
If the person under your care is highly reliant on you, a respite provider will help you find a suitable replacement until you return. It is definitely worth exploring the options at your disposal. 
Otherwise, the following should be considered if you are looking to take a break: 
Seek support from family and friends 
Enlist the help of an expert in short term elderly care 
Prioritise self care 
Delegate rather than overwhelming yourself 
Consider support groups 
Be honest about your limitations and set boundaries 

Care Services at Allwell Care 

We at Allwell Care can offer short term elderly care, as well as other forms of care, for primary caregivers looking to take a break. 
If you would like any more information about temporary care for the elderly, or any other services, we encourage you to contact us directly. 
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