2023 is bringing us more gorgeous sunny weather. With temperatures from 30 degrees, it’s so important that we’re taking care of ourselves and each other. 
For the elderly, staying comfortable in hot weather can be tricky. It’s warm and stuffy and they’re naturally more prone to illness because of the heat. (1) 
From our team of care experts to you; here are 6 safety tips and some hot weather advice for the elderly. 

1. Hydration 

We know - you’ve heard it all before. But, hydration is essential in hot weather. It might sound like a cliche but did you know that hydration is responsible for: 
Regulating body temperature 
Proper brain function 
Lubricating joints 
A smooth digestive system (2) 
Hydration is key to keeping the elderly comfortable in the heat. Ensure that you or your loved one are drinking plenty of fluids. 

2. Wear the Correct Clothing 

We’re not saying that you need to be in a skirt the size of a belt. But, wearing lightweight clothing made from certain fabrics can make a difference. Loose-fitting breathable clothing made from linen or cotton will keep you or your loved one nice and cool in the heat. 
Encourage them to wear light-coloured clothing and avoid dark outfits. Light-coloured clothing reflects heat better than darker-coloured clothing. 

3. Regular Contact 

In the heat, the elderly in your life will need to be checked in with more regularly. 
They are statistically more at risk than other age groups, so checking in is important. Whether it’s a phone call or a physical visit, you’ll have more peace of mind knowing that they’re safe in the heat. 
Of course with our busy everyday lives, it can be hard to make time to fit in this regular contact. This is why a lot of families choose a trusted carer who can dedicate more time to the elderly person in their life. 

4. Keep Curtains and Blinds Shut 

Block out direct sunlight by keeping all curtains and blinds shut when it gets sunny. This will limit the heat allowed in and also minimise the exposure to direct sunlight. 
If your loved one is wanting to stay inside during the heat, this is a critical step to ensure their comfort. 

5. Ventilation 

For everyone, but especially the elderly, ventilation makes hot weather a lot more comfortable. 
Open the windows to let fresh air in. This will stop the house from becoming too stuffy and will make your loved one more comfortable. 

6. Cool Showers or Baths 

A cool shower or bath can help you to provide some instant relief to the elderly. A quick dip or shower will help to cool down their whole body and make them feel refreshed. 
It can be a challenge to get the elderly to bathe at the best of times, so explain to them that this will cool them down. 

Invest in Care This Summer 

Whether you’re jetting off on holiday or busy with work, a carer is a great way to support the elderly in the heat of summer. 
A carer can help with regular check-ins and keeping your loved one comfortable this summer. 
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