Did you know that an allergy is classed as a chronic disease? Here at Allwell Care we ask all our client's about any allergies they have and make sure our Health Care Assistants are informed and trained
Did you know that an allergy is classed as a chronic disease? In the UK allergies are particularly prevalent with over 20% of people affected by at least one allergy, according to research by M.L. Levy. There are lots of different allergies, including food, medications, and moulds. And, with the arrival of summer, lots of people are now suffering with hay fever. 
With our Health Care Assistants at Allwell Care being responsible for a lot of our client’s meals, medications, and general wellbeing, it’s an important part of their role to be informed about their allergies, what to look out for, and how to respond in an emergency situation. 
Our office staff will ask all client’s if they have any allergies and we note them in their care plans, on their profile that the carer’s can access this information on their phone apps, and on all their medication forms. This helps to minimise the risk and keep our clients safe. All staff also have emergency first aid training. 
If you or your loved one need care but you’re worried about other people managing your allergies or assisting you with them, no matter how big or small, you can rest assured that Allwell Care can help in a professional and caring way
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