Put simply, domiciliary care includes the range of services put in place to support someone in the comfort of their own home. To read on about the benefits of domiciliary care and to learn more about this type of care click the read more button. 

Some examples of domiciliary care include: 

Preparing meals 
This is a difficult task for those struggling with mobility but of course an essential part of everyday life. When using sharp equipment especially, a risk is posed to the client, so it is vital that someone better abled takes over. A home carer will help provide nourishing meals and keep you fed throughout the day. 
Bathing and personal care 
Sometimes it can be hard for those with reduced mobility to keep themselves clean and comfortable, which is where a domiciliary carer comes in. An at home carer can work to encourage good hygiene by assisting with washing and personal care. 
General housekeeping tasks 
The everyday tasks that make a house home can often slip through the cracks when someone has reduced mobility. Tasks such as washing dishes, taking the bins out or even just cleaning, give us pride in our home. 
An at-home carer will be able to do these general housekeeping tasks for you or your loved one, allowing you or them to focus on what they really want. 
Supervising and managing medication 
If taking medication, it is important that the correct amount is being administered and at the correct time. 
An at-home carer would be able to effectively manage a client's daily medication and ensure that it is being administered correctly. 
A domiciliary care service provider would be able to assist with all these tasks, and much more. They will work around your or your loved ones' needs, helping with whatever is needed. 

Who May Need Domiciliary Care? 

Domiciliary care is essential in the assistance of many people. The groups that typically need to access domiciliary care include: 
The elderly 
DIsabled people 
Individuals with additional needs 

What are the Benefits of Domiciliary Care? 

There are a number of benefits when choosing domiciliary care, and we have provided it to hundreds of happy clients. We find that the best perks of this at-home care service include: 
You or your loved one can maintain your independence 
This is massively important to a lot of clients receiving care, as it can help to make them feel empowered and better about the circumstances they’re in. 
You are able to be cared for in your own home, in your own space 
This is probably one of the most essential benefits of domiciliary care. We find that there is great comfort in receiving care in your own home. 
There is no moving required, and people can stay in their own, familiar environment where they are most comfortable. 
Personalised care on a one-to-one basis 
When you are receiving domiciliary care, you get the advantage of having one-to-one, more personalised care. 
Your carer can just focus on you or your loved one, giving their undivided attention and support. 
There is a proven reduction in stress levels 
Backed by a lot of research, opting for at-home care is a lot more stress-free than relocating to a care home for example. 
For some, getting care is already a tough process, so why not make it slightly easier with domiciliary care? 
Typically there is a lesser cost with these services 
Finally, you are almost guaranteed to spend less on your care when you opt for a domiciliary at-home service. You are paying simply for the carer's time and labour, and not for the facilities. 

Domiciliary Care from a Company that Cares 

As expert providers of home care in Ipswich and surrounding areas, our team of elite carers offer the extra support, reassurance and companionship that may be needed for your loved ones to continue living independently and safely at home. Contact us today to speak to our friendly team. 
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