Companionship care is a service that aims to combat loneliness and reduce its effects on elderly individuals. 
Unfortunately, it is common for the elderly to become lonely and socially isolated. It’s stated (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine) that 1 in 4 adults aged 65 or over is socially isolated. 
Companionship care is available to help tackle the issue of elderly loneliness and social isolation. 

Why is Companionship Care Needed? 

By now, we are all aware of the effects of loneliness on our mental health. However, society is now waking up to the physical effects that loneliness can have on our bodies. 
Did you know that loneliness has been linked to: 
High blood pressure 
Heart disease 
A weakened immune system 
Anxiety and depression 
Cognitive decline 
Alzheimer's disease 
Ultimately, loneliness can lead to someone's untimely end as it takes such a toll on both physical and mental health. 

What’s Included in Companion Care? 

Companion home care covers a lot of different areas in your loved one's life, and the package can be tailored to suit whatever your needs are. Here are just a few of the services that come under companion home care from Allwell Care. 
Perhaps the most obvious of the services, companion home care offers your loved one company. This is invaluable, and can seriously benefit those who may have lost a loved one, have limited mobility or don’t have any local friends and family. 
Company can have more benefits to a person’s health than you might realise, a simple chat and someone to share a coffee with can work wonders. 
Running Errands 
For those who have reduced mobility, running errands can be a struggle. This is exactly what your companion can help with. Whether it’s supporting you in the supermarket or picking up your prescription, your companion can assist you. This takes a weight off you or your loved one's shoulders, with the knowledge that your errands and odd jobs are complete. 
Hobbies and Interests 
As you get older, your interests shouldn’t go on the back burner. Your hobbies and passions are a big part of your life, and they play a role in your mental well-being. It may be that you enjoy swimming, or simply going to a fitness group. Your companion will get you there and support you to ensure your enjoyment and safety. 
Driving and Transport 
As you get older, getting to your usual locations isn’t as easy anymore. Following on from your interests and hobbies, your companion will be able to assist you in getting from point A to point B. By car or by bus, you will get to your destination safely, with a companionship carer. 

Find Your Companion Today 

At Allwell Care, we proudly support those with care needs in the Ipswich and Suffolk areas. Companion home care is administered by our friendly team, who strive to provide excellent care and have an impact on your or your loved one’s life. 
Get in touch today for more information regarding our companionship care services. 
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