Since 2001, the number of unpaid carers in England has increased by 600,000. Investing in carers and recruiting the right people for the job is critical.Ageing can not be stopped, but giving people the best quality of care is a way of ensuring they can live out their elderly years in the best way possible.But what does it take to become a carer for the elderly? What should you do if you are interested in this role? 
Well, look no further because Allwell Care believes in the power of empathy and has put together a comprehensive guide on how to become a carer for the elderly. 
Did you know we are looking for part time and full time carers? Read more here. 

What Kind Of People Are Care Agencies Looking For? 

The clue is really in the name of this question. Care agencies are looking for deeply empathetic individuals who have a natural passion for helping others. 
You might be suited as a carer if you possess the following qualities: 
A caring nature 
Good at getting to know new people 
Patient and calm in difficult situations 
Respectful of other people's decisions 
Have a positive and encouraging attitude towards your work 
Did you know we are looking for part time and full time carers? Read more here

What Qualifications Do I Need To Become A Carer? 

This is of course dependent on what the employer wants from their staff. Some employers may want a health and social care diploma or similar qualification, to ensure that their staff are up to scratch with all the latest in care information. 
However, here at Allwell Care, we believe in training on the job. 
As most agencies will, we require our staff to have the full UK driving licence and to be flexible with their work hours. However, here at Allwell Care, we believe in training the right people from within. 
We like our staff to come with all of the qualities a good carer should have, as listed above, but we offer paid health and social care NVQs on both levels 2 and 3. Read more about the qualifications we can help you earn here. 
This gives the right people a fair chance at fulfilling their ideal role as carers for the elderly. 

How Can I Apply To Become A Carer? 

The way to become a carer is simple. In the UK most carers will work for an agency that specialises in elderly care. 
It is best to find one in your area that provides care for local citizens. This way you can become a carer for the familiar faces in your area and give back to your community. 
Becoming a carer can be a gratifying and rewarding experience, apply today to make a carer of your kindness. 
Read more about how to become a carer at Allwell Care here and contact us today. 

Become A Carer For The Elderly Today! 

If you fit these requirements and want to give back to your community, enquire about becoming a carer for the elderly today. 
If you’re in Suffolk or the surrounding areas, become a carer with Allwell Care as we strive to deliver the very best in at-home help for the elderly. 
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