Companionship care is a form of care service that focuses on supporting those who are vulnerable to loneliness. Companionship care is exactly what it sounds like, a service that provides a companion for your loved one, to combat loneliness. 

Why is Companionship Care Important? 

A 2021 study showed that over ⅓ of UK adults over the age of 75 reported feeling lonely in their day-to-day lives. 
In addition to this, other recent studies have shown that social isolation significantly increases a person's risk of premature death from all causes. Social isolation is associated with a whopping 50% increased risk of dementia. 
It’s these statistics that make a service like companionship care, so vitally important. To put it frankly, it could save your loved one's life. 

What is Involved in Companionship Care? 

Companionship care is a broad care service that is entirely tailored to your needs. 
For example, if you or your loved one simply need someone to chat with, have a cuppa with or play a game of scrabble with, companionship care is the way forward. 
Or, you can get out of the house with your companionship carer. Go for a walk, to social events or the shops. It’s totally up to you or your loved one. It’s the little things that matter in life, and companionship care is designed to cover these areas. 
If healthcare is required then a separate carer will be needed to do so. 

What are the Benefits of Companionship Care? 

There are so many benefits to companionship care. We’ve collated the benefits that our team believe are the most important here at Allwell Care. 
Reduces the Risk of Depression 
Depression can stem from feelings of isolation and loneliness, making it fairly common among the elderly. It is a serious mood disorder that ruins your quality of life and can be hard to treat. 
Regular companionship care can prevent mental health conditions, giving your loved one a much better quality of life. 
Making new Friends 
In terms of personal development, senior citizens need friendship and interaction too. If naturally shy and quiet, the companionship career can help them to become more social and less shy. 
If you or your loved one can spend time with a companionship carer and build up that trust, you could become significantly better in social settings. 
There is also the really practical element of companionship care; you know that your loved one is under the supervision of a professional. You can go about your day-to-day life with the confidence that your loved one is being taken care of. 
A companionship carer will keep your loved one safe from harm, and can easily call for additional help if needed. 
Retains Independence 
All adults value their independence, especially older adults and the elderly. It can be quite a tough transition from being independent to needing care. Companionship care is a great in-between for the elderly. It provides basic support but encourages independence among the elderly. 
Gets your Loved one Outdoors 
Many elderly adults become confined to their homes after they lose their ability to safely drive. However, with a companionship carer, this is no longer a limitation. The carer can safely transport your loved one to wherever they want to go, giving them better variety in their lives. 

Consider Contacting a Professional 

By now, we hope you see why we are so passionate about companionship care. Its benefits for the elderly are unmatched, and we truly believe that this care can save lives. 
Ready to get companionship care for your loved one? Contact the Allwell Care team today for better, more compassionate care. 
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